Simona is a freelance stylist and fashion consultant.
Her clients include magazines, celebrities and brands.

She has been fashion director at Rolling Stone magazine; a role she has covered since it’s launch in Italy in 2003 till 2014.

Working with both well known and up-and-coming photographers carefully selected by herself, she creates a very personal and contemporary style,
see in both her fashion shoots as well as in the styled celebrity features she produces.

Prior to joining RS, she was a Fashion Editor at MFF Magazine and Editor At Large for UK magazines Spoon and Above.
She has also contributed to magazines such as Zoo, ID and Fantastic Man. She started her career in fashion in 1995, after graduating at the University
of Bologna, as Fashion Editor for the magazines of the series Collezioni. She then worked from 1999 to 2001 as Editor-in-Chief for Sport&Street
Collezioni magazine, highlighting through special collaborations, the connections between fashion, street and art.

ph. +39 3355747854